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606-133 a-cr-Snowy Egret
542-030-Great egret
Tern - 684_103b-cr-Cape May, NJ
Blue heron - Great Neck Island, MD-683_033_ a-cr
563-089 - Red-winged blackbird
613-104-Nut hatch
118-Kingfisher - South Africa
542-029-Great egret
542-034-Blue Heron
Osprey-Cape May, NJ - 684_037 a-cr
98- Hummingbird - Bahamas
542-025 Great Egret
624-005 Swan
681-069 a heron-Rock Hall, MD
624-132 - Osprey looking for dinner
624-038 -Osprey with a fish for dinner
624-087-Blue heron
624-090-Blue heron landing
624-052 - Snowy egret
681-018 a cr-osprey - Rock Hall, MD
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